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October 8, 2013

Viewing Figures

Filed under: Site History — Jonathan Lewis @ 6:43 am BST Oct 8,2013

Once again the view counter has reached a vaguely significant number – some time overnight the figure crept past 3,500,000. So it’s time to have a little review to see what’s been popular and how things have changed in the 10 months it took to accumulate 500,000 views. Sitting in the lounge at Edinburgh airport I’ve now transcribed some of the WordPress stats.

All time ratings

AWR / Statspack 69,599 Updated from time to time
NOT IN 46,668 February 2007
Cartesian Merge Join 36,456 December 2006
dbms_xplan in 10g 36,020 November 2006
Analysing Statspack (1) 27,879 November 2006

Ratings over the last year

AWR / Statspack 14,638 Updated from time to time
AWR Reports 9,937 February 2011
Shrink Tablespace 8,423 February 2010
NOT IN 7,125 February 2007
Lock Modes 6,025 June 2010

The figures for the previous half million views (opens in a new window) are roughly similar for most of the top 5, although last year had a big spike for the “Oracle Core” page which has had only 4,781 views this year, and there’s a marked drop in the popularity of the “AWR/Statspack” menu.

The number of followers has gone up from about 1,200 to about 2,500 in that time, but I suspect that about 1,000 of the difference is due to twitter and double-counting.

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