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June 1, 2007

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Filed under: Site History — Jonathan Lewis @ 10:35 am BST Jun 1,2007

Yesterday evening my page view count reached 250,000 according to Statcounter. (According to Wordpress it got there about 3 weeks ago – and if you include their figures for page views through feeds the figure goes up by about 50% .)

In recognition of the landmark, I did a quick trawl back in time to see which were the most popular pages; the two I picked up last time are still there, with a more recent page that overtook them soon after it was published.

In third place, published on 15th Dec 2006, with  2,570 hits: an explanation of why 10g (in particular) could leave statements crashing with Oracle error ORA-01722 when they used to run perfectly well on earlier versions of Oracle.

In second place, published on 13th Dec 2006, with 2,690 hits: my notes on why you might be seeing a lot more Cartesian Merge Joins than you used to in earlier versions.

In first place, published on 5th Jan 2007, with 2,916 hits: an article about bind variables – with some useful feedback from readers.

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