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April 20, 2010

Viewing Figures

Filed under: Site History — Jonathan Lewis @ 6:38 pm BST Apr 20,2010

Although I wasn’t convinced by the 25,000,000 view figures I reported (temporarily) last week, I’m inclined to trust my page view counter which is currently showing a little of 1,500,000 page views; and, as I have in the past, I thought I would produce a summary of what’s been of most interest to visitors:

If we look at the complete lifetime of the blog, the top five are:

Cartesian Merge Join 19,894
NOT IN 18,493
dbms_xplan in 10g 17,324
Bind Variables 13,773
Statspack Examples 13,076

But restricting the figures to just the last year this changes to:

NOT IN 7,976
dbms_xplan in 10g 6,799
Statspack Examples 6,576
SQL Profiles (10g) 5,376
Cartesian Merge Join 4,992

Perhaps the drop in popularity of the item on Cartesian Merge Joins is an indication that people are getting over the belief that it is automatically a bad thing – which is particularly important given the way that you are more likely to see them appearing in 10g than you used to in earlier versions of Oracle.  (But maybe it’s an indication of a take-up of 11g, where the optimiser has changed yet again.)

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