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April 30, 2010

Back from MOW

Filed under: SQL Server — Jonathan Lewis @ 8:12 am BST Apr 30,2010

My trip back from Miracle Open World was extremely uneventful compared to the travail (and travel) of most of the foreign speakers who were there – 13 hours across five trains to get from Copenhagen to Amsterdam, and the worst delay was a train arriving 30 second late in Osnabruck.  Then the airports reopened before I had to switch to my “emergency exit” plan of taking a ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich and a train home.

The reason I mention the trip from MOW is just an introduction to SQL Server. Every year MOW starts with a surprise “infotainment” session on the evening before the main event is due to start, and this year the surprise for most people was a presentation about SQL Server; the surprise for me was that Mogens only told me 15 minutes before it was due to start that I was the one giving it.

Luckily I had still had the presentation I did for Microsoft and Unisys back in February and I had just enough time to remind myself of what was on the slides. On this occasion, though, I also had a panel of judges holding up scores at the end of each section of the presentation. Fortunately I managed to do quite well, as indicated by this member of the audience, and the panel offered some useful corrections and insights as we went along – as did various members of the audience both at the time and later on during the conference.

Being on a bit of a roll with SQL Server I mailed another article off to Red Gate – with a few more in the pipeline – about learning SQL Server, and they’ve just posted it on their website. Maybe I really could become an MVP.

Footnote: even if you’re not interested in SQL Server, you may find the series interesting because the articles are based on working out how to do the things that need to be possible in any decent RDBMS. By reading about the things that I want SQL Server to do you may recognise the cause of some of the problems that appear if you don’t use Oracle in the best possible way.


  1. “When the level of fragmentation is greater than 5% or less than 30%, the reorganize option is recommended. When an index has 30% or more fragmentation, a rebuild is recommended.” – Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management and Administration, by an MVP.

    Gosh that somehow sounds familiar. I look forward to your reviews.

    Comment by joel garry — May 3, 2010 @ 10:01 pm BST May 3,2010 | Reply

  2. […] @ 7:34 pm UTC Jun 3,2010 I mentioned some time ago the presentation I did at Open World 2009 and Miracle Open World called “The Beginner’s Guide to becoming an Expert”. Over the last few months […]

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