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March 7, 2011


Filed under: Oracle — Jonathan Lewis @ 6:12 pm BST Mar 7,2011

or the Oracle support interface formerly known as Metalink.

In case you haven’t come across it, or if you’ve lost the URL, there is an HTML interface which, on the downside, doesn’t offer all the features but, on the upside, does seem to be a little more robust and a little faster. (I’ve added links to both the flash and html versions in my blogroll.)


  1. Many thanks!
    Hate that flashing bug.

    Comment by al0 — March 7, 2011 @ 6:23 pm BST Mar 7,2011 | Reply

  2. I am curious what kind of flame war this is going to start. :)

    But more than that, Jonathan, I am curious how effective MOS is as a support tool for your job. It is easy for us to nitpick (and after going through lice with my child, I now have intimate understanding of that word) and criticize MOS for all the small things we do not like about it, but does it get the job done? Do experts like yourself even use MOS? *sly grin*

    Looking forward to the ADF version, hoping it is _really_ better…..

    Comment by charlesdschultz — March 7, 2011 @ 6:53 pm BST Mar 7,2011 | Reply

    • Charles,

      I didn’t think about the possibility of flame wars – but as a non-flammable point that I forgot to add I ought to say that I have been on a couple of sites where the company installation won’t allow the Flash version to run (don’t ask why, I don’t speak GUI).

      Like Tanel, I do use MOS for bug-hunting. I also do a download of the upgrade notes on every release to get a summary of what’s fixed in the new releases. I don’t usually bother raising SRs – at least, not on my own account, though I do prepare information and test cases for clients sometimes.

      Comment by Jonathan Lewis — March 7, 2011 @ 9:13 pm BST Mar 7,2011 | Reply

  3. Can’t speak for Jonathan, but it definitely is useful for bug searching :)

    Comment by Tanel Poder — March 7, 2011 @ 8:11 pm BST Mar 7,2011 | Reply

  4. Can you give me a quick lesson in bug hunting? For example, I have an issue with optimizer_mode=first_rows_n in (Cardinality estimate = first rows k). When I search the bug database, I get several hits, and the only thing that seems even remotely close is Bug 9904538. But the details of the bug are hidden and all I see aside from the initial problem statement is the status updates from 7/13/10 to 9/10/10. The Base Bug is completely hidden from me.

    Comment by charlesdschultz — March 9, 2011 @ 3:15 pm BST Mar 9,2011 | Reply

  5. Hi.

    some tips that may make life with MOS easier and faster
    My Oracle Support productivity with Firefox Quick Searches


    Comment by odenysenko — April 15, 2011 @ 3:27 pm BST Apr 15,2011 | Reply

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