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September 7, 2015

Viewing Figures

Filed under: Site History — Jonathan Lewis @ 1:01 pm BST Sep 7,2015

I’ve just realised that I haven’t been paying any attention to the number of visitors I’ve had over the last few months, so I missed the moment when I reached the next half million.  The count has now reached 4,571,856 – probably hitting 4,500,000 around July 6th – so it’s time to do another of my little summary pages to see if new topics have become important and old topics have faded to insignificance.

In fact, the top five remain virtually unchanged, though 4th and 5th places have swapped over.

All time ratings

AWR / Statspack 93,520 Updated from time to time
NOT IN 54,708 February 2007
Cartesian Merge Join 42,596 December 2006
Shrink Tablespace 41,424 November 2006
dbms_xplan in 10g 38,513 November 2006

Ratings over the last year

AWR / Statspack 11,308 Updated from time to time
Shrink Tablespace 9,382 February 2010
Lock Modes 7,163 June 2010
Hash Joins 5,854 February 2007
AWR Reports 5,754 February 2011

The figures for the previous half million views (opens in a new window) are very similar for most of the top 5, but “NOT IN” has finally lost its staying power (it’s actually down to 19th place for the year) though it may take some time to lose its position in the all-time listings, and “AWR reports” has dropped from 2nd place to 5th. The thing I find most interesting is the continuing interest in managing free space in tablespaces – despite the amount of time that locally managed tablespaces have been around and despite the claim that they should do away with the need to worry about tablespace “fragmentation”.

The number of followers has gone up from about 3,900 to nearly 5,400 but, as I’ve said before, I suspect that there’s a lot of double counting due to twitter.

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