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March 22, 2019

Stats advisor

Filed under: 12c,Oracle,Statistics — Jonathan Lewis @ 1:10 pm GMT Mar 22,2019

This is just a little shout-out about the Stats Advisor – if you decide to give it a go, what sort of things is it likely to tell you. The answer is in a dynamic performance view called v$stats_advisor_rules – which I’ve list below from an instance running

SQL> set linesize 180
SQL> set trimspool on
SQL> set pagesize 40
SQL> column description format a75
SQL> column name format a32
SQL> break on rule_type duplicate skip 1
SQL> select * from v$stats_advisor_rules;

  RULE_ID NAME                             RULE_TYPE DESCRIPTION                                                                     CON_ID
---------- -------------------------------- --------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
         0                                  SYSTEM                                                                                         0
         1 UseAutoJob                       SYSTEM    Use Auto Job for Statistics Collection                                               0
         2 CompleteAutoJob                  SYSTEM    Auto Statistics Gather Job should complete successfully                              0
         3 MaintainStatsHistory             SYSTEM    Maintain Statistics History                                                          0
         4 UseConcurrent                    SYSTEM    Use Concurrent preference for Statistics Collection                                  0
         5 UseDefaultPreference             SYSTEM    Use Default Preference for Stats Collection                                          0
         6 TurnOnSQLPlanDirective           SYSTEM    SQL Plan Directives should not be disabled                                           0

         7 AvoidSetProcedures               OPERATION Avoid Set Statistics Procedures                                                      0
         8 UseDefaultParams                 OPERATION Use Default Parameters in Statistics Collection Procedures                           0
         9 UseGatherSchemaStats             OPERATION Use gather_schema_stats procedure                                                    0
        10 AvoidInefficientStatsOprSeq      OPERATION Avoid inefficient statistics operation sequences                                     0

        11 AvoidUnnecessaryStatsCollection  OBJECT    Avoid unnecessary statistics collection                                              0
        12 AvoidStaleStats                  OBJECT    Avoid objects with stale or no statistics                                            0
        13 GatherStatsAfterBulkDML          OBJECT    Do not gather statistics right before bulk DML                                       0
        14 LockVolatileTable                OBJECT    Statistics for objects with volatile data should be locked                           0
        15 UnlockNonVolatileTable           OBJECT    Statistics for objects with non-volatile should not be locked                        0
        16 MaintainStatsConsistency         OBJECT    Statistics of dependent objects should be consistent                                 0
        17 AvoidDropRecreate                OBJECT    Avoid drop and recreate object seqauences                                            0
        18 UseIncremental                   OBJECT    Statistics should be maintained incrementally when it is beneficial                  0
        19 NotUseIncremental                OBJECT    Statistics should not be maintained incrementally when it is not beneficial          0
        20 AvoidOutOfRange                  OBJECT    Avoid Out of Range Histogram endpoints                                               0
        21 UseAutoDegree                    OBJECT    Use Auto Degree for statistics collection                                            0
        22 UseDefaultObjectPreference       OBJECT    Use Default Object Preference for statistics collection                              0
        23 AvoidAnalyzeTable                OBJECT    Avoid using analyze table commands for statistics collection                         0

24 rows selected.

As you can see the rules fall into three groups: system, operation, and object – and you can’t help noticing at all three levels how commonly the theme is: “just stick with the defaults!”.

As so often happens when I start writing a catch-up or “remind myself” note I found that Tim Hall has already written all about it.

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