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May 24, 2019

Re-partitioning – 18

Filed under: 18c,Infrastructure,Oracle,Partitioning — Jonathan Lewis @ 12:50 pm BST May 24,2019

In yesterday’s note on the options for converting a range-partioned table into a composite range/list parititioned table I mentioned that you could do this online with a single command in 18c, so here’s some demonstration code to demonstrate that claim:

rem     Script:         pt_comp_from_pt_18.sql
rem     Author:         Jonathan Lewis
rem     Dated:          May 2019

create table pt_range (
        id              number(8,0)     not null,
        grp             varchar2(1)     not null,
        small_vc        varchar2(10),
        padding         varchar2(100)
partition by range(id) (
        partition p200 values less than (200),
        partition p400 values less than (400),
        partition p600 values less than (600)

insert into pt_range
        rownum - 1,
        rownum <= 600 -- > comment to avoid WordPress format issue


alter table pt_range modify
partition by range(id) interval (200)
subpartition by list (grp) 
subpartition template (
        subpartition p_0 values (0),
        subpartition p_1 values (1),
        subpartition p_2 values (2),
        subpartition p_def values (default)
        partition p200 values less than (200)
-- online

execute dbms_stats.gather_table_stats(null, 'pt_range', granularity=>'all')

break on partition_name skip 1

select  partition_name, subpartition_name, num_rows 
from    user_tab_subpartitions 
where   table_name = 'PT_RANGE'
order by
        partition_name, subpartition_name

Run this (with or without the online option) and you’ll (probably) see the Oracle error “ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1” with one of two underlying errors:

    ORA-01950: no privileges on tablespace 'SYSTEM'
    ORA-01536: space quota exceeded for tablespace 'SYSTEM'

So what’s gone wrong – it ought to work.

After enabling a 10046 trace I repeated the “alter table” command then scanned the trace file for the text “err=1950” (that being the error I’d received on my first attempt) and scanned backwards for the “PARSING IN CURSOR” line with a matching cursor id:

ERROR #139721552722200:err=1950 tim=26541227462

PARSING IN CURSOR #139721552722200 len=182 dep=1 uid=104 oct=1 lid=0 tim=26541224560 hv=2451601965 ad='7f1377267890' sqlid='0wsjfgk920yjd'
create table  "TEST_USER"."SYS_RMTAB$$_H124028"  ( src_rowid rowid not null , tgt_rowid rowid not null) 
    segment creation immediate nologging 
    tablespace  "SYSTEM"  

The code is trying to create a “rowid_mapping_table” in the system tablespace and I have no quota for the tablespace. (The 124028 in the table name relates to the object_id of the table I was trying to modify, by the way.)

The source of the error offered a big clue about a possible workaround sp I gave myself a quota (unlimited) on the system tablespace (alter user test_user quota unlimited on system) and that made it possible for the restructuring to take place. It’s not really an appropriate workaround for a production system though – especially if you’re using the online option and the table is subject to a lot of change.  (Note – this “rowid_mapping_table” and a “journal” table are created even if you haven’t selected the online option.)


  • The problem has been fixed in 19c (tested on LiveSQL)  and is listed on MoS as Bug 27580976 : INTERNAL RECURSIVE MAPPING TABLE MISTAKENLY PLACE IN SYSTEM FOR ONLINE OPS. There are no patches for 18c at present.
  • After I’d finished testing the quota workaround I tried to deprive myself of the quota on the system tablespace. I may have missed something in the manuals but it looks like the only way to do this is to give myself a zero quota (or, as I have done occasionally in the past, drop user cascade) because there’s no option for “quota denied” or “revoke quota” . This is why you may get one of two different messages after the ORA-00604. If you’ve never had a quota on the system tablespace you’ll get the “ORA-1950: no privileges” message, if you’ve had a quota at some time in the pasat and then had it set to zero’ you’ll get the “ORA-01536: space quota exceeded” message.


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