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April 9, 2007

Log Switching

Filed under: Performance,redo,Tuning — Jonathan Lewis @ 7:04 pm GMT Apr 9,2007

Analytic function have all sorts of uses, and the lag() and lead() functions are among my favourites. I always like to remind people of the sorting overheads involved with analytic functions – but if you are prepared to accept the overhead the simplicity of comparing ‘current’ rows with ‘earlier’ or ‘later’ rows using lag() or lead() is a tremendous coding benefit.


November 22, 2006

Tuning Updates

Filed under: Indexing,Infrastructure,Oracle,redo,Tuning,undo — Jonathan Lewis @ 8:45 pm GMT Nov 22,2006

Consider the following update statement:

        /*+ index(t1 t1_n1) */
        n1 = 0,
        n2 = n2 + 1,
        status = 'X'
        n1 > 100
and     status = 'A'


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