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Update (Mar 2016)

James Su (one of the translators of Oracle Core) has translated the series on the CBO that I wrote for AllthingsOracle (see the CBO catalogue). The full set is available at this URL.

Jame Tong, a DBA from China, has asked if he can translate existing articles of mine into Chinese and publish them on his blog. I think it’s a good idea and have given him permission, so he will be sending me an email with a URL whenever he finds time to translate a piece, and I’ll let everyone know about it.

This is a catalogue of the articles he has published to date – he’s started with a few of my older articles rather than recent blog items. The highlighted links are to his translations, and each a reference back to the original English.

Why isn’t Oracle using my Index ? – a brief  introduction to Cost Based Optimisation. (English version (MS Word .doc file))

Stored Outlines in 8i/9i – Notes about using “stored outline” (a.k.a. “plan stability”) in 8i and 9i. (English version (MS Word .rtf file))

Faking Stored Outlines in 9i – Notes about how the 8i method for faking stored outlines is no longer suitable for 9i. (English Version (MSWord .doc file))

“Unbalanced” Indexes – An explanation of why it is very silly to say that Oracle’s B-tree indexes can get “unbalanced”; and a couple of suggestions why this idea has taken so long to eliminate. (English version (MSWord .doc file)

Log file switch – notes on affecting the timing of log file switches. (Original English version).

Undo and Redo – a brief summary of undo,redo and recovery (Original English version)

Parse calls – a warning note about interpreting the “parse calls” statistic (Original English version)

Fragmentation 1 – An introduction to what we mean by fragmentation in different contexts (Original English version)

Other translations

A Visual Approach to Designing Efficient SQL: An article I wrote for Simple-Talk, the title says it all. (Original English Version).

Frequency histograms – first in a short series for Simpletalk. (Original English Version)

Height-balanced histograms – second in a short series for Simpletalk (Original English Version)


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  1. Good News! Though I have archived all the articles from JLewis ,
    It’s more convenient to read them in chinese .

    Comment by victor666666 — March 1, 2010 @ 9:06 am GMT Mar 1,2010 | Reply

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