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21st – 24th Apr 2015 Bucharest, Romania: Oracle University is hosting an Expert Summit over 4 days and has asked me to speak for the first two days. My topics will be “Troubleshooting and Tuning”, and “Writing Optimal SQL”. I’ll also be in the audience to hear Chris Date who is always a pleasure to listen to. For further details see this URL.
30th Apr 2015 London:Evening meeting of #cluboracle. A couple of Oracle topics, time for chat, with free pizza, beer etc. courtesy of e-DBA. We’ll be at 103a Oxford Street again; from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm with topics including the importance of IT disasters to career progression.
27th May 2015 Paris, France: I’m going to be in Paris for a few days at the end of May, so I’m talking with Yves Colin about a session of the Oracle Paris Meetup on the morning of 27th. I’ve suggested a couple of topics: “Reading Execution Plans” and “Writing Optimal SQL”.
9th – 10th June 2015 Israel: I’ve had three abstracts for the ILOUG conference accepted: “Basic Cardinality Calculations”, “Calculating Join Cardinality”, and “Five Hints for Optimizing SQL”. Thanks are due to the ACE Director program for agreeing to finance flights and hotel for me.
22nd – 25th June 2015 London, UK: Provisional: Oracle University is planning an Expert Summit and has asked me to speak for the two days. The event is likely to last for 4 days.
7th July 2015 Birmingham, UK: I’ll be presenting at Oracle Midlands (see latest event here) on the topics of “Creating test data to model production” and “Five hints for optimising SQL”.
9th – 10th Sep 2015 Zurich, Switzerland: Provisional, Christian Antognini is planning his annual event on Oracle Performance and has asked me to deliver a couple of presentations. I’ve suggested “Calculating Join Cardinality” and “Understanding Parallel Execution Plans” at the topics.
October 2015 Johannesburg, South Africa: Provisional: Oracle University is considering setting up an Expert Summit event, dates not yet set, and has asked me to be one of the speakers.
25th – 29th Oct 2015 San Francisco, USA: I’ll be putting in a couple of abstracts for OpenWorld, and it’s fairly safe to assume I’ll show up even if I don’t get a speaking slot.
7th – 9th Dec 2015 Birmingham: UKOUG Tech Conference 2015. I can’t imagine not putting in a couple of abstracts when the call for papers goes out


  1. Hi Jonathan Sir
    It would be great to hear you at AIOUG. Are there any plans for next year AIOUG event in Feb?


    Comment by Navneet — November 17, 2014 @ 10:21 am BST Nov 17,2014 | Reply

  2. Is there not a past-appearances page?

    Comment by Dird89 — December 8, 2014 @ 7:43 am BST Dec 8,2014 | Reply

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