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26th/27th Sept Zurich, Switzerland: It’s that time of year again, and I’ll be doing one or two presentations at Trivadis Performance Days.  The abstracts I’ve offered are:

You probably don’t need to … read a 10053 trace

It’s almost true to say that the only time you should read a 10053 trace file is when you don’t need to. It’s also probably a fairly accurate claim that the only good reason for reading a 10053 trace file is to prove that you didn’t need to read the 10053 trace file.

In all my years of consulting and trouble-shooting I think I’ve only used the 10053 trace file a couple of times to demonstrate the cause of a performance issue and suggest a work-around – but having spent a silly amount of time generating and reviewing trace files for increasingly complicated statements I found it easy to pick the bit of the trace file I needed to examine to confirm a hypothesis and explain the evidence to management (and Oracle Support).

In this session I’ll be giving you plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t be reading a 10053 trace file – but we’ll probably end up looking at some bits of one anyway.

Problem Solving with Execution Plans

This session will examine a couple of execution plans that have appeared on the Oracle Developer Community database over the last year, explaining what information can be seen from the initial request for assistance, what further information might be needed, and what database considerations might come into play that are outside the immediate scope of the information available in a plan. There will be no Powerpoint slides in this presentation as the medium is not appropriate for displaying plans of a “real-world” level of complexity.

1st – 4th Dec Brighton, UK: I’ve submitted one abstract this year, a masterclass on execution plans, based on the content I’ll be presenting at the Trivadis Performance Days.

I’ve also been asked if I will chair the ever popular “Cost Based Optimizer Panel”.


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