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7th/8th Feb 2019 Antwerp, Belgium: OBUG is hosting an Oracle Database Tech Event and I’ll be doing two presentations:

Why Oracle statistics aren’t enough. (Thu 7th,  17:00 – 17:45)

No matter how recently you collected the most accurate possible statistics that Oracle’s routines allow you to gather, there are still many cases where you can’t leave it all to Oracle to get the right execution plan. This presentation describes several of the errors and omissions in Oracle’s stats collection, tells you how to identify them, and suggests the best ways to work around them.

Reading Execution Plans. (Fri 8th, 10:00 – 10:45)

“Near the top, over to the right” is an ancient rule of thumb for working out what happened first. It’s a common side effect of a much better soundbite which is “First child first – recursive descent”. The latter is still not accurate though because it applies only to a single query block, and then there are a few special cases. In this presentation we do a quick review of the basic mechanism and then examine the special cases, the extra steps needed to handle multiple query blocks in a single plan, and examine the important question of how many times each step of the plan will happen.

28th Feb 2019 Northampton, UK: I’ve submitted an abstract for the UKOUG’s “Midlands Tech Summit”.The topic will be Problem Solving with Execution Plans – but I hope to provide a couple of case studies and no {Powerpoint slides.
4th/5th April 2019 Dublin, ROI: I’ll be speaking at the OUG Ireland event, presenting “Struggles with Statistics”.
7th/9th May 2019 Bonn, Germany: I’ve submitted an abstract for DOAG’s “APEX Connect” event, with the title: “That’s not MY job”.
26th/27th Sept 2019 Zurich, Switzerland: It’s that time of year again, and I’ll be doing a couple of presentations at Trivadis Performance Days.  Topics to be decided.


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