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2nd – 3rd Jun 2016 The Netherlands: I’ve offered a couple of abstracts for the AMIS 25 conference, a masterclass (90 minutes) on “Understanding and Manipulating Parallel Execution Plans”, and a standard session called “Just Don’t Do It” – a collection of real (though camouflaged) cases of reducing the workload by constructing (uncommon or even non-standard) code that tries to avoid the work that doesn’t need to be done.
22ndJun 2016 Glasgow, Scotland: The annual OUG Scotland conference is due to be held at the Radisson Blu hotel in Glasgow. I’ll be giving my “Just Don’t Do It” presentation and chairing a panel on “Optimisation” (which won’t just be about  the Cost Based Optimizer).
28th – 29th Sept 2016 Zurich, Switzerland: . I will be speaking at Trivadis’ annual event, this year called “Database Development and Performance Days” and consisting of two streams. My topics will be: “Just Don’t Do It” – examples of optimising your code by avoiding the work you didn’t need to do, and “Indexing” – a discussion of the benefits we hope to get from indexes (B-tree and Bitmap), why we don’t always get then, and what it costs to try.


  1. Hi Jonathan, is there a plan for any online event? That would be very useful to attend virually.

    Comment by orausern — December 8, 2015 @ 5:05 pm BST Dec 8,2015 | Reply

    • Orausern,

      I’m working on rewriting my day-long seminar on Execution plans; should be ready early Feb, to be broadcast in 4 separate sessions so you don’t have to listen to the whole thing in one go.

      Comment by Jonathan Lewis — December 9, 2015 @ 3:55 pm BST Dec 9,2015 | Reply

      • Hi Jonathan,
        Any idea when you will be posting schedule of your online webinars?

        Comment by Amir Hameed — March 2, 2016 @ 6:22 pm BST Mar 2,2016 | Reply

  2. Hi Jonathan,
    That is great news! Looking forward to know the dates!!

    Comment by Nirav — December 16, 2015 @ 7:21 pm BST Dec 16,2015 | Reply

  3. I really enjoy the material you have on your web site it extremely has helped me out a whole lot thanks

    Comment by Britt Hampel — March 26, 2016 @ 7:22 pm BST Mar 26,2016 | Reply

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