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Franck Pachot has asked if he can translate some of the articles I’ve written and re-publish them on his blog. This page is a catalogue of the articles he has published to date. The highlighted links take you to his translations, but each line also holds a reference back to the original English article. Franck has also asked other authors if he can translate their work, and the second set of  links points to translation of (so far) Tom Kyte, Doug Burns, Cary Millsap and Greg Rahn.

Update Latest notes from Franck – Two articles from Greg Rahn on data warehouse performance, and five articles of mine – one on the 10g feature of private redo and in-memory undo, and the four in the “fragmentation” series:

Translation of articles that I have written:

Consistent Gets – an explanation of what Oracle means by a “consistent get”. (Original English version)

Clean it up – explanation of the different uses of the word “clean”. (Original English version)

The Interested Transaction List – a brief explanation of the ITL (The original English version is in the Oracle Glossary).

System Change / Commit Number – a brief explanation of the SCN. (The original English version is in the Oracle Glossary.)

Nutshell – 1 – Undo, redo, and recovery in a nutshell. (Original English version)

Glossary about Undo – a brief explanation of ‘undo segment header’ and ‘transaction table’. (The original English version is in the Oracle Glossary.)

Why Undo ? – Thoughts about why Oracle has implemented undo (Original English version)

Not Waiting – The importance of the state column in v$session_wait (Original English version)

Designing Efficient SQL: A Visual Approach (Original English version)

Parse Calls – A definition about parsing statistics (Original English version)

Nutshell – 2 – What is behind a parse call (Original English version)

Not Waiting – about WAITING, WAIT_TIME and  SECONDS_IN_WAIT (Original English Version)

Queue Time – see also the notes from Doug and Cary  below on through and response time (Original English Version)

Private redo Private Redo Threads and In-Memory Undo (Original English Version)

Fragmentation 1 – Introduction (Original English Version)

 Fragmentation 2 – Disk and Tablespace fragmentation (Original English Version)

 Fragmentation 3 – Table fragmentation (Original English Version)

 Fragmentation 4 – Index fragmentation (Original English Version)

Translations of articles by other authors:

Multi-Versioning and Concurrency by Tom Kyte (Original English version from AskTom)

Transaction Isolation Levels by Tom Kyte (Original English version from Oracle Magazine)

Object Relational Features of Oracle by Tom Kyte (Original English version from AskTom)

Write Consistency (update restart) Part 1 by Tom Kyte (Original English version from Tom’s Blog)

Write Consistency (update restart) Part 2 by Tom Kyte (Original English version from Tom’s Blog)

Write Consistency (update restart) Part 3 by Tom Kyte (Original English version from Tom’s Blog)

Time Matters: Throughput vs. Response Time by Doug Burns (Original English version)

Throughput vs. Response Time by Cary Millsap (Original English Version)

The Core Performance Fundamentals Of Oracle Data Warehousing – Set Processing vs Row Processing by Greg Rahn (Original English Version)

 The Core Performance Fundamentals Of Oracle Data Warehousing – Partitioning by Greg Rahn (Original English Version)


  1. It’s good source for me to follow..:-)

    Comment by jametong — March 5, 2010 @ 10:22 am GMT Mar 5,2010 | Reply

  2. Franck has just completed another translation of an article of mine – and also posted (with permission) translations of three items from Tom Kyte.

    He has emailed me to say that he’s getting quite a lot of hits coming in from my site – so his work is obviously a service that is of use to the Oracle community. It made me wonder whether there are any other popular languages that some other DBAs might like to take on; Spanish and Russian might be quite useful.

    Comment by Jonathan Lewis — April 26, 2010 @ 7:18 pm BST Apr 26,2010 | Reply

    • Couple of your posts/articles in Russian can be found here (the tag in English is “from Jonathan Lewis & Co”).
      PS. I personally don’t think that translating blog posts is a good idea. It’s much better to learn English instead.

      Comment by Timur Akhmadeev — April 27, 2010 @ 6:39 am BST Apr 27,2010 | Reply

      • Timur,

        Thanks for the links: unfortunately I can’t find a way to send an email to author pointing out the desirability of asking permission before copy other people’s work.

        I think your comment about learning English is probably valid – but one way of learning the language is to see “real” documents – i.e. the type of thing you might actually have to read – in both languages so that you can compare the translation with the source; of course, you have to hope that the translation is a good one to start with.

        Comment by Jonathan Lewis — May 2, 2010 @ 11:21 am BST May 2,2010 | Reply

  3. Although I learn Oracle with English,and mainly from documents and oaktable members, From books,papers,mailing lists, but I also know that there were a lot of people in China really like to read these good books/papers/documents in Chinese.

    Comment by jametong — May 7, 2010 @ 1:00 pm BST May 7,2010 | Reply

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